By adding the widget for tidal water data on your website your visitors will get an updated tidal forecast, directly from the Norwegian Hydrographic Services database.

The widget could be a smart solution of value for marinas, local media, beaches, campsites and Norwegian coastal municipality eg.

How to do it

A widget is easy to use:

  • On Se havnivå, search for the place you wish to collect a tidal forecast from.
  • Go to the right on the line that follows below the title with the place name or position, in your search result.
  • Click on the menu item </>.
  • Copy the code and place it in your own publishing solution.

That way you can give the users of your website updated, local tidal water information.

API for Norwegian water levels

Data for water levels are available through an API (Application Programming Interface). Read more about API for water level data.

Download the publication "Tide Tables for the Norwegian Coasts and Svalbard"

The publication giving the tide tables for the Norwegian coasts and Svalbard, "Tidevannstabeller for den norske kyst med Svalbard", is available for download as a pdf, free of charge.