Helge Onsrud retiring

Helge Onsrud has been involved in the Norwegian Mapping Authority’s international activities since 2000, when the United Nations approached the authority to be involved in setting up a national mapping agency for land administration in Kosovo after the war. The need for the authority’s expertise in other countries has grown ever since then, with other countries requesting competence sharing and capacity building. In 2005 the office for International Services (formerly “Centre for property rights and development”) was established as a follow up to the Norwegian support for Commission for Legal Empowerment of the Poor, with Helge acting as Director until the present.

Kåre Kyrkjeeide new Director for International Services

Helge will be retiring from his position on October 1st 2018, and taking his place will be Kåre Kyrkjeeide, formerly Technological infrastructure director in the Land Mapping division, with 23 years of experience within the Norwegian Mapping Authority. As the Director for National Geodata coordination department, Kåre has been an essential part of building the national spatial data infrastructure in Norway since 2005, and has a wide breadth of knowledge about coordinating geographical information both nationally and internationally. As such Kåre is also heavily involved in INSPIRE, acts as national contact point for Arctic SDI, and is involved in The United Nations Initiative on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM).